Custom Windows 
in Leesburg, VA

There are various ways in which custom windows differ from conventional windows.

They can be tailored to your specifications and are therefore more expensive. Custom handles and locks, for example, are available. You can also customize the hardware color. Many window providers provide bespoke painting and glazing. While these solutions are more expensive, they can enhance the appearance of your property. Specialized window insulation is also available. In brief, you can order any type of custom window that you require.

Another benefit of custom windows is that they are made to order. These windows are not mass-produced and may take months to be produced. This means that you have more control over the quality of your windows. In contrast, mass-produced residential types are usually of variable quality and may have gaps that allow outside air to get into your home. Plus, the windows might be damaged during the shipping process, reducing their efficiency and decreasing their lifespan.
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