Sliding Windows 
in Leesburg, VA

A sliding window is usually made up of two operable sashes that open and close horizontally on a track.

It's a great window style option when the width of your opening is longer than its height. For starters, these windows can be opened for more ventilation. Additionally, they are easy to clean, which makes them a great choice for crowded areas. They are relatively simple to maintain in which you can simply wipe away dust on them and clean the interior with a rag.

Sliding windows don't have sashes to block a view and can be larger than other types of windows. In addition to allowing more natural light to enter a room, sliding windows can also have larger panes of glass. The operation of these windows is also easy and straightforward, so even a child can do it. They typically open from one side, but some specialty styles allow both sides to open. Fortunately, sliding windows are also designed with safety mechanisms that make them safer than other types of window.
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